Welcome to Kostergården


A modern oasis


Koster Islands is a fishing community located 3 miles from Stromstad.

Since the early 1900s summer guest came to Koster and larger guest houses became more common on the island. One of these guest houses was Kostergården. In 2016 Kostergården got demolished and rebuilt as a modern oasis among the boathouses and carpentry.

We can now offer the lonely wanderer, the romantic couple, the adventurous family and the happy group of friends a modern accommodation in the scenic and history-rich landscape.

Kostergården serves as the perfect base camp for experiencing and exploring Koster. What we can not provide ourselves we can refer and book with our kollegeor around the island.

We have 22 cabins and 6 apartments including 1 family room, all with stunning views of Kosterhavet.

Welcome to Koster!

Fins us!

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