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Guided tour with bus

GUIDE TOURS WITH BUS Did you get tired of walking or biking around the island? or is someone in your comany disabled? Then we proudly present the guided tours with the green buses! We have solar-powered electric buses that will take us along the roads on Koster. With a top speed of 25 km / h the pace is just right for experience and exploring our beautiful island. How much time have you got? Our tours can be adjusted after your requests but we recomend a tour between 1-2h. For those interested Koster is a paradise. On Koster, you can experience a rich and varied nature - from the heather moorland and vast rubble fields on North Koster to South kosters landscape with deciduous forest, flower-rich dry meadows and inviting beaches. Koster Islands nature reserve surrounded by Sweden's most species-rich marine area. Choose to stop at the following:Kosters church Kosters church is beautifully situated between Långegärde and Valfjället. The church was built between 1938-1939 and designed by royal architect Knut Nordenskjöld. It is Sweden's westernmost church and is particularly popular for weddings.Kosters local museum In the old Salteriet at Långegärde, you can take part of Kosters culture and history. You can find different collections, mostly fishing gear, but also a handicraft shop from local artisans and artists. Open in the summer.Kosters Trädgårdar Koster Gardens on South Koster is a peaceful place where you enjoy the vegetation in the organic garden, served meals based on local produce and experience art and music. In the farm shop you will find freshly harvested vegetables and nice things to your garden.Naturum A stone's throw from Ekenäs there is a staffed information center where visitors can ask questions about the national marine park, get maps and find information. Visitor Centre is open all year round and offer summer activities both inside and out.Valfjäll Valfjället is kosters highest mountain at about 45 m.f.o. From the top of Valfjället you can see across to Hvaler Norway and Ursholmen and lighthouses in the southwest. To get up to the top there is a long staircase that begins near the church. +46 70 54 64 375  

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